Now Hiring: 2018 EA Survey Project Manager


Rethink Charity is seeking a part-time Project Manager for the 2018 Effective Altruism Survey.

If you are an EA experienced in survey methodology and data analysis, then this leadership role may be a great fit for you.

As the Project Manager you will be responsible for ensuring the successful construction, roll-out, reporting and analysis of the fourth annual EA Survey, which seeks to produce comprehensive data on the growth and changing attitudes of the global EA community.

In this role you will be tasked with coordinating volunteers, distributing the survey and providing a comprehensive analysis of gathered data to be distributed across EA networks. The EA community hopes the annual survey will eventually be able to provide various longitudinal data on the scope of our changing attitudes and demographics, so an awareness and understanding of previous surveys will be required (you can review them here).

This is a paid position with Rethink Charity with a time budget of 40 to 70 hours from the point of hire to June 2018. Upon completion this role could blend into a full-time position with the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN) for the right candidate.

You will benefit from:
– An intellectually stimulating atmosphere
– Plenty of autonomy and responsibility
– Leadership experience
– Producing a potentially high-impact, widely used assessment tool for the EA community

A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate:
– Strong general knowledge of Effective Altruism
– Functional understanding of survey methodology, statistics and analysis
– Proficient writing skills
– Strong quantitative skills

Preference will be given to candidates who also have previous experience in:
– Data analysis
– Writing and analyzing surveys
– Writing and coding in R
– Volunteer management

How should you apply? Send Tee an email at [email protected] with your resume/CV and an answer to the following questions:
– What professional experiences can you bring to the team that would make you a clear fit for a project leader?
– What is one thing you would change about an analysis that was done last year?
– What is one additional analysis you would do and why?

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