Donor Briefing 06/2019


Looking forward to seeing many of you at EA Global in San Francisco! We will have exactly 14 Rethink Charity employees heading to the conference. Hope you enjoy this briefing. 


Project Headlines – The Rethink Charity Board of Directors gets a makeover, Rethink Grants soon to reveal their first evaluation, LEAN publicly releases the new EA Hub, RC Forward releases a full cost-effectiveness analysis and 2018 in Review, Rethink Priorities delivers on several research publications, and SHIC suspends operations


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Full RC Briefing

Project Updates


Rethink Charity Overview


Rethink Charity projects continue to swap expertise and resources increasingly as separate collaborating entities, aligning with the trend outlined in our previous briefing of each project becoming appropriately autonomous while continuing to benefit from a consolidated administrative system. As opposed to conducting work on behalf of RC, projects are now operating under their own separate branding, often crediting one another in publication. For example, Neil Dullighan and Rethink Priorities were credited in the recent cost-effectiveness estimate of RC Forward. You can expect similar collaboration patterns for upcoming EA Survey posts and EA Hub feature developments. 


RC senior leadership have been taking more action on building out governance and accountability infrastructure. These efforts include the induction of five new Rethink Charity Foundation board members, the creation of specific oversight committees within the board (e.g. executive committee and budget committee), and the formation of internal Objective and Key Result (OKR) committees aimed at monitoring progress on stated goals and associated deadlines. 


Board Impact – See who joined the Rethink Charity Board of Directors here


Rethink Grants (RG)


  • Rethink Grants will publish its first evaluation, which features a custom cost-effectiveness model and team assessment of the Donational project. 
  • Public reception and a number of other factors will be crucial for a decision to run RG beyond the initial proof-of-concept. 
  • The project could potentially manifest in several forms, including a handful of complete evaluations per year, or several shallow to medium-depth evaluations per year. 


RC Forward


  • RC Forward jointly published a cost-effective analysis of RC Forward with Rethink Priorities that demonstrates the platform to be 3 to 55 times more cost-effective than donating directly to the charities that RC Forward supports. 
  • The project released a year-in-review of 2018, which also outlines plans for the rest of 2019. 
  • RC Forward distributed $180,101.22 CAD to high-impact charities from donations made in Quarter 1 of 2019


Rethink Priorities (RP)



The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)


  • Having successfully launched the Effective Altruism Hub, LEAN is now focused on building new features to serve the EA community, while also tightening up the technical foundations and security of the platform.
  • Next in queue is the projects feature, allowing community members to publicly collaborate with others on independent initiatives 
  • We welcomed Catherine Low (formerly of SHIC) to the LEAN team to work on the resources feature
  • LEAN recently wrapped up administering the Local Groups Survey (LGS) in partnership with the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). Results to be released in the near future. 


Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)


  • SHIC collaborated with other similar projects and initiatives to create a cumulative summary of high school outreach.
  • The SHIC team reviewed their 2018 programs and explained why outreach operations were suspended.


From the winddown post –  “2018 saw strong uptake, but difficulty securing long-term engagement – Within a year of instructor-led workshops, we presented 106 workshops, reaching 2,580 participants at 40 (mostly high school) institutions. We experienced strong student engagement and encouraging feedback from both teachers and students. However, we struggled in getting students to opt into advanced programming, which was our behavioral proxy for further engagement.”


What’s Next


RC will soon be fundraising across all projects after the close of the EA Global conference. Please get in touch if you would like to invest in the growth of these projects! You can do this by replying to this briefing or emailing Tee at [email protected]


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