Donor Briefing 09/2019


Rethink Charity covered a lot of ground since the last briefing and we hope you enjoy hearing about the latest happening at RC. 

Some pre-conference team bonding with nearly the whole Rethink Charity team

Project Headlines – The 2019 EA Survey is live – now with a $1k prize. RC is undergoing a summer fundraising push. The EA Meta Fund and Animal Welfare Fund award grants across three RC projects. Rethink Priorities publishes new reports. And RC Forward is about to launch their new website (beta version).  

Financials Snapshot* – $USD

Project Updates

Rethink Charity Overview

Coinciding with the summer fundraising push and regulatory housekeeping, RC central operations have spent the last quarter clarifying and consolidating our financial position, allowing for projects to maintain focus on their programs (see project sections below). Building out governance and accountability infrastructure mentioned previously remains a top priority. Board committee meetings, most recently the fundraising committee, have initiated following the induction of five new additions to the Board of Directors. Periodic Objective and Key Results (OKR) board meetings implemented in the last quarter now serve as a key staple for internal accountability.  

2019 EA Survey – The 2019 Effective Altruism Survey is now live! Join thousands of EAs who contribute valuable information for the community every year. The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) has generously donated a prize of $1,000 USD toward the chosen charity of a randomly selected respondent. 

Rethink Priorities (RP)

  • RP published on the cost-effectiveness of corporate campaigns to improve welfare for chickens, and followed this up by analyzing the breakdown of progress in this space by country, region, number of commitments.
  • Rethink Grants – a joint project between RP and RC senior leadership – published a grant evaluation for Donational, recommending the platform receive a grant to pilot an initial trial to test the program.
  • As part of its series on invertebrate sentience, RP published an overview of invertebrate welfare as a cause area.
  • RP has several projects expected to be released in the coming months, including an analysis of partisanship in animal welfare, specific possible next steps for invertebrate welfare, and an analysis of the impact of cat predation on the lives of wild animals. 

RC Forward

  • RC Forward is soon to launch their new website (beta version) designed and built free of charge courtesy of RED Academy in Vancouver. RED Academy partners with local nonprofits to provide free website development as a component of their program curriculum.
  • RC Forward raised over $450,000 CAD in Q2 donations to high-impact charities
  • To date, $5M CAD in total has moved by our platform since launch, and we are on-track to hit $6M CAD by the end of 2019

The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)

  • LEAN is working on implementing new EA Hub features allowing to list candidates, volunteers, and speakers.
  • New content is also being released for in response by popular demand and previous feedback. 
  • The EA Hub also working to build in new technical features allowing more volunteers to join the engineering team.

What’s Next

All of our projects continue to have room for more funding despite the heartening institutional backing from major organizations such as the Open Philanthropy Project and CEA. Please feel free to get in touch with Tee at [email protected] if you would like to invest in any of these exciting projects. 

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