Rethink Charity

Supporting High-Impact Charitable Projects


Rethink Charity (formerly .impact) is a rebrand that invites curiosity from the wider public about how to do good, and more accurately articulates our approach to movement building by supporting novel projects.

We’re looking to scale our newly unified lineup of initiatives that facilitate interpersonal engagement from the bottom up. Each of our prioritized projects bring more people into the fold and engage those who are ready to get more involved.

We’re prioritizing three newly unified grassroots initiatives:

LEAN provides services and coordinates Local EA Groups worldwide. We support over 350 local groups working to bring EA to a wider audience, giving more people the opportunity to engage via meetups, lectures, discussion groups, fundraisers, workathons, and more.


SHIC is the only global network of classes and extracurricular clubs dedicated to bringing effective altruism to students. SHIC shares a natural synergy with LEAN and online high-impact fundraising, constituting a sustained funnel of action and involvement that moves students from SHIC groups into local effective altruism groups.


Central to our movement building strategy valuing substantive action are what we call ‘Impact Missions.’ Impact missions are coordinated efforts with individuals and local groups around the world to take effective action. One of the most effective examples of these mass coordinated projects has been online high-impact fundraisers that were very successfully run by Charity Science.


Our flagship projects LEAN, SHIC and Online High-Impact Fundraisers command the majority of staff time and resources, but Rethink Charity also offers several other important initiatives to the effective altruism Community. 

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