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Rethink Charity prioritizes our flagship projects, the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN), Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC), and Rethink Charity Forward, but we also offer several other important initiatives to the EA community.

The Annual EA Survey

Along with other data collection initiatives, the Annual EA Survey is a primary means of gathering data to better understand the community and how to develop and strengthen effective altruism.

EA Survey 2017 Series

I - Distribution and Analysis Methodology

II - Community Demographics & Beliefs

III - Cause Area Preferences

IV - Donation Data

V - Demographics II

VI - Qualitative Comments Summary

VII - Have EA Priorities Changed Over Time?

VIII - How do People Get Into EA?

Facilitating tax deductibility for international donations to effective charities.

Rethink Charity currently operates under three legal nonprofit entities in the US, UK and Canada in order to facilitate tax-deductible donations between donors to effective charities in these countries.

  • We have ongoing talks with EA-affiliated organizations around the world in order to expand more benefits to effective charity donors.

The Effective Altruism Newsletter, local group newsletter, and forthcoming EA mentorship program are among the roster of joint projects we created and maintain, thanks to our strategic partnerships with other EA organizations and cultivation of a substantial volunteer force. The EA Newsletter now reaches 41,000+ subscribers.