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Donor Briefing Giving Season 2020


We appreciate you having a glance at our briefing. Giving season 2020 will cap off a profoundly disruptive year that only seemed to underscore the importance of supporting our partner charities, especially those working in long-term future risk, racial justice and global health. We continue to invest in giving infrastructure and community building, always striving to empower anyone hoping to do the most good. Thanks to all of you for joining us in that.

Project Headlines – RC looks to fundraise a total of $225,000 for 2021 operations, EA Giving Tuesday staffs their ranks in preparation for December 1st, revenue generating projects launch on both sides of the US-Canadian border, and RC Forward enjoys their best Q3 of money moved on record.

Financials Snapshot – $USD*

* = Note figures do not include the Rethink Priorities project
** = Approximate estimate that includes currency conversion

Full RC Briefing

Project Updates

Rethink Charity Overview

With COVID-19 intruding on the pace of normal operations and the planned consolidation of our projects, RC was freed up to invest in long overdue strategic pivots. Top of the list for continued infrastructural investment is a bespoke CRM system fashioned from Salesforce. The fully realized CRM would dramatically enhance systems for all projects, including RC Forward, fiscal sponsorship, and other revenue generating initiatives.

Each of the projects are currently well-positioned for the upcoming giving season, due in large part to the expansion of team bandwidth and consolidation of collective focus. Another important reason for our healthy position has been the addition of incredibly skilled volunteers who poured countless hours into the RC Forward website revamp, messaging and branding strategy, data visualization, and many other key administrative areas of program development. We say without hesitation that the inclusion of these volunteers upgraded our projects tremendously.

Funding goal – Rethink Charity and RC Forward currently have a $225,000 funding goal in order to secure 12 months of runway, which still has $131,000 remaining. You can find the full 2021 budget here.

RC Forward

  • We swapped out the outdated website for a nearly aesthetically identical new website, complete with important technical upgrades. When paired with improved messaging, the usability experience for incoming donors should improve considerably.
  • RC Forward received a $15,000 grant from the Infrastructure Fund of the Centre for Effective Altruism. The payout report maintains that the core reasoning for the grant remains the same as in 2019, adding that

“We think that RC Forward provides a valuable service for Canadian donors, and we would like to ensure they have sufficient budget to continue their core work… The platform has two main benefits: (1) their recommended charities receive more money from the same size of donation due to tax advantages, and (2) some donors may choose to donate when they otherwise wouldn’t have, or would have donated less…This grant will top-up RC Forward’s budget; the expected use is to improve the website and develop an internal CRM system.”

Visualize the good – Pictured below is a dashboard of donation analytics displaying money moved by the RC Forward platform in 2019, created by a data visualization volunteer.

EA Giving Tuesday

  • The EA Giving Tuesday team has begun preparation to help EAs get their donations matched on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.
  • Early work has begun on strategic planning, content preparation, nonprofit outreach, and promoting the opportunity to the effective altruism community.
  • If you’re interested in getting your donations matched or staying up to date, sign-up at Read our FAQ, ask in our Facebook group, or e-mail us at [email protected]
    Revenue Generation Projects

Rethink Charity publicly unveiled fiscal sponsorship services now available to eligible projects. Those interested can get an overview of fiscal sponsorship, learn more about our model, view pricing, and explore case studies.
RC Forward is currently in the process of facilitating cross-border grants for Canadians to support US charities that are not on our list of effective partner charities. Our current outreach is focused on US charities likely to have Canadian supporters. View the webpage here.

What’s Next

The vast majority of our time will be occupied by fundraising on behalf of our partner charities and our own operations. Our current operations funding gap is $131,000 in order to cover all of 2021. We hope that you’ll consider donating to Rethink Charity so that we can continue powering effective projects!

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Donor Briefing 09/2019


Rethink Charity covered a lot of ground since the last briefing and we hope you enjoy hearing about the latest happening at RC. 

Some pre-conference team bonding with nearly the whole Rethink Charity team

Project Headlines – The 2019 EA Survey is live – now with a $1k prize. RC is undergoing a summer fundraising push. The EA Meta Fund and Animal Welfare Fund award grants across three RC projects. Rethink Priorities publishes new reports. And RC Forward is about to launch their new website (beta version).  

Financials Snapshot* – $USD

Project Updates

Rethink Charity Overview

Coinciding with the summer fundraising push and regulatory housekeeping, RC central operations have spent the last quarter clarifying and consolidating our financial position, allowing for projects to maintain focus on their programs (see project sections below). Building out governance and accountability infrastructure mentioned previously remains a top priority. Board committee meetings, most recently the fundraising committee, have initiated following the induction of five new additions to the Board of Directors. Periodic Objective and Key Results (OKR) board meetings implemented in the last quarter now serve as a key staple for internal accountability.  

2019 EA Survey – The 2019 Effective Altruism Survey is now live! Join thousands of EAs who contribute valuable information for the community every year. The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) has generously donated a prize of $1,000 USD toward the chosen charity of a randomly selected respondent. 

Rethink Priorities (RP)

  • RP published on the cost-effectiveness of corporate campaigns to improve welfare for chickens, and followed this up by analyzing the breakdown of progress in this space by country, region, number of commitments.
  • Rethink Grants – a joint project between RP and RC senior leadership – published a grant evaluation for Donational, recommending the platform receive a grant to pilot an initial trial to test the program.
  • As part of its series on invertebrate sentience, RP published an overview of invertebrate welfare as a cause area.
  • RP has several projects expected to be released in the coming months, including an analysis of partisanship in animal welfare, specific possible next steps for invertebrate welfare, and an analysis of the impact of cat predation on the lives of wild animals. 

RC Forward

  • RC Forward is soon to launch their new website (beta version) designed and built free of charge courtesy of RED Academy in Vancouver. RED Academy partners with local nonprofits to provide free website development as a component of their program curriculum.
  • RC Forward raised over $450,000 CAD in Q2 donations to high-impact charities
  • To date, $5M CAD in total has moved by our platform since launch, and we are on-track to hit $6M CAD by the end of 2019

The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)

  • LEAN is working on implementing new EA Hub features allowing to list candidates, volunteers, and speakers.
  • New content is also being released for in response by popular demand and previous feedback. 
  • The EA Hub also working to build in new technical features allowing more volunteers to join the engineering team.

What’s Next

All of our projects continue to have room for more funding despite the heartening institutional backing from major organizations such as the Open Philanthropy Project and CEA. Please feel free to get in touch with Tee at [email protected] if you would like to invest in any of these exciting projects. 

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Donor Briefing 06/2019


Looking forward to seeing many of you at EA Global in San Francisco! We will have exactly 14 Rethink Charity employees heading to the conference. Hope you enjoy this briefing. 


Project Headlines – The Rethink Charity Board of Directors gets a makeover, Rethink Grants soon to reveal their first evaluation, LEAN publicly releases the new EA Hub, RC Forward releases a full cost-effectiveness analysis and 2018 in Review, Rethink Priorities delivers on several research publications, and SHIC suspends operations


Customize your briefing – Each of our projects are launching their own quarterly briefing. Please click on the relevant links if you would like to subscribe to receive donor briefings from Rethink Priorities, RC Forward, and LEAN


Financials Snapshot* – $USD


Full RC Briefing

Project Updates


Rethink Charity Overview


Rethink Charity projects continue to swap expertise and resources increasingly as separate collaborating entities, aligning with the trend outlined in our previous briefing of each project becoming appropriately autonomous while continuing to benefit from a consolidated administrative system. As opposed to conducting work on behalf of RC, projects are now operating under their own separate branding, often crediting one another in publication. For example, Neil Dullighan and Rethink Priorities were credited in the recent cost-effectiveness estimate of RC Forward. You can expect similar collaboration patterns for upcoming EA Survey posts and EA Hub feature developments. 


RC senior leadership have been taking more action on building out governance and accountability infrastructure. These efforts include the induction of five new Rethink Charity Foundation board members, the creation of specific oversight committees within the board (e.g. executive committee and budget committee), and the formation of internal Objective and Key Result (OKR) committees aimed at monitoring progress on stated goals and associated deadlines. 


Board Impact – See who joined the Rethink Charity Board of Directors here


Rethink Grants (RG)


  • Rethink Grants will publish its first evaluation, which features a custom cost-effectiveness model and team assessment of the Donational project. 
  • Public reception and a number of other factors will be crucial for a decision to run RG beyond the initial proof-of-concept. 
  • The project could potentially manifest in several forms, including a handful of complete evaluations per year, or several shallow to medium-depth evaluations per year. 


RC Forward


  • RC Forward jointly published a cost-effective analysis of RC Forward with Rethink Priorities that demonstrates the platform to be 3 to 55 times more cost-effective than donating directly to the charities that RC Forward supports. 
  • The project released a year-in-review of 2018, which also outlines plans for the rest of 2019. 
  • RC Forward distributed $180,101.22 CAD to high-impact charities from donations made in Quarter 1 of 2019


Rethink Priorities (RP)



The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)


  • Having successfully launched the Effective Altruism Hub, LEAN is now focused on building new features to serve the EA community, while also tightening up the technical foundations and security of the platform.
  • Next in queue is the projects feature, allowing community members to publicly collaborate with others on independent initiatives 
  • We welcomed Catherine Low (formerly of SHIC) to the LEAN team to work on the resources feature
  • LEAN recently wrapped up administering the Local Groups Survey (LGS) in partnership with the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). Results to be released in the near future. 


Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)


  • SHIC collaborated with other similar projects and initiatives to create a cumulative summary of high school outreach.
  • The SHIC team reviewed their 2018 programs and explained why outreach operations were suspended.


From the winddown post –  “2018 saw strong uptake, but difficulty securing long-term engagement – Within a year of instructor-led workshops, we presented 106 workshops, reaching 2,580 participants at 40 (mostly high school) institutions. We experienced strong student engagement and encouraging feedback from both teachers and students. However, we struggled in getting students to opt into advanced programming, which was our behavioral proxy for further engagement.”


What’s Next


RC will soon be fundraising across all projects after the close of the EA Global conference. Please get in touch if you would like to invest in the growth of these projects! You can do this by replying to this briefing or emailing Tee at [email protected]


Thanks for reading.

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Announcing New Rethink Charity Board Members


As part of ongoing efforts to continually invest in governance and accountability infrastructure, Rethink Charity is proud to announce the expansion of our board of directors by five new members. We are welcoming Kalista Barter, Travis Cooper, Ozzie Gooen, Alexander Gordon-Brown and Colm Ó Riain to the board.

RC conducted a thorough process in searching for new independent directors, considering candidates with a wide range of skill sets from across the globe who also hold a strong personal belief in the Rethink Charity mission and vision. Each newly inducted board member possesses valuable skills and industry knowledge across crucial domains that we believe will greatly benefit RC and the broader EA community.

In addition to the board expansion, RC senior leadership commissioned the creation of specific oversight committees within the board (e.g. executive committee and budget committee), and the formation of internal Objective and Key Result (OKR) boards aimed at holding projects to stated goals and associated deadlines.

New Board Members

Kalista Barter

Kalista has dedicated the last 12 years of her career to fundraising for animal welfare causes, after having been persuaded to prioritize the plight of animals during her philosophy courses at the University of Southern California. Nearly four years ago she started the philanthropy department at Animal Charity Evaluators, and became increasingly involved in the Effective Altruism community, solidifying her commitment to effective advocacy for farmed animals. She currently serves as the Senior Director of Development for The Humane League.

Travis Cooper

Travis graduated from the University of Alberta in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Honors Accounting. He has worked in public practice in Edmonton Alberta for 5 years, specializing in US/Canada cross-border tax issues. He obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 2016.

Ozzie Gooen

Ozzie is a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute, currently working in forecasting infrastructure research. He’s previously worked at 80,000 hours and has cofounded multiple tech companies, including Guesstimate.

Alexander Gordon-Brown

Alexander is a longstanding member of the EA community, having taken the Giving What We Can pledge in 2013. He has spent most of that time earning to give, and donated to a variety of organizations involved in movement-building, as well as to Givewell-recommended charities.

Colm Ó Riain

As Head of Growth at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Colm coordinates MIRI’s philanthropic strategy and supports recruitment as MIRI grows. After 15 years working in the video game industry at companies including Electronic Arts and Activision, he moved into philanthropy work at and Harmony Project Bay Area before joining MIRI in July 2016. He has a master’s degree in AI from the University of Rochester and a joint honours bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science. Colm is also a professional violinist and composer.  

All of the new and existing board members are committed to helping us make our work as impactful as possible. We look forward to working with them, and we hope you will join us in welcoming them to the team.

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Public Request for Feedback for EA Survey 2019


The annual EA Survey serves as a benchmark for better understanding the state of the Effective Altruism (EA) movement. It is a project of Rethink Charity with analysis and commentary from researchers at Rethink Priorities. Last year, we produced 12 posts that analyzed 2018 EA survey data, exploring how people get involved in EA, where they donate, what causes they support, geographic and demographic insights, and how EAs view their own community.

We’re looking to conduct the 2019 survey again very soon, but first we’d like to invite the community to give us feedback about what you would like to see changed or potentially included. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments section of this post. Please keep in mind that the survey is already about as long as we can possibly make it without fatiguing people, so we’re unlikely to be able to add much more to the survey without also taking something out. Suggestions for things to remove are also welcome.

Here’s a list of the questions we asked on last year’s survey.

Here are a few things that we already plan to change for next year:

  • We will be updating the options for where people first heard about EA to in line with which categories were popular last year (e.g., adding EA Global and podcasts, nuancing the “Other” category with additional options)
  • We expect to be adding a page of questions about skills people possess (requested by Ben Todd)
  • We expect to be adding some questions to help differentiate EAs’ involvement and engagement further (e.g., EAG attendance, and possibly other additional metrics)
  • We expect to add a question, in addition to the specific cause questions, about whether people prioritise the Long Term Future specifically, as discussed in last year’s cause post.
  • We will be removing and changing most of the extra credit section.

To give feedback, please email [email protected].

Here are the articles we produced using the 2018 data:

I – Community Demographics & Characteristics

II – Distribution & Analysis Methodology

III – How do people get involved in EA?

IV – Subscribers and Identifiers

V – Donation Data

VI – Cause Selection

VII- Group Membership

VIII- Where People First Hear About EA and Influences on Involvement

IX- Geographic Differences in EA

X- Welcomingness- How Welcoming is EA?

XI – How Long Do EAs Stay EA?

XII – Do EA Survey Takers Keep Their GWWC Pledge?

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Donor Briefing 02/2019


From all of us at RC, we hope the new year has been treating you well.


Project Headlines – The EA survey delivers big, SHIC is rebranding, RC Forward greenlights expansion, LEAN launches the new EA Hub next week, RP makes hires and makes research progress, and Rethink launches a new grant making program.



Full RC Briefing

Project Updates


Rethink Charity Overview

Rethink is finding success in providing varying levels of support for each of our associated projects. The allocation of administrative, technical and strategic assistance largely depends on the needs and maturity of the project. For example, RC serves more of an incubation function for Rethink Priorities, jump starting the project by offering legal and administrative support while minimizing managerial oversight. RC Forward, in contrast, was built out from RC core operations as an experiment in moving money to effective charities from Canada, which required more oversight and involvement from senior leadership and administrative staff. RC projects will continue trending in the direction of becoming more autonomous, as staff get trained and administrative capacities grow. As a concrete instantiation of this, RC Forward and LEAN are now fundraising semi-autonomously, while RP exclusively owns their fundraising efforts.


Community footprint – The EA survey released five articles since the last donor briefing. Donation Data became the most popular article in the history of the series. Further analysis on the survey data conducted by RP included Community Demographics & Characteristics, Distribution & Analysis Methodology, How do people get involved in EA?,  Subscribers & Identifiers, and Cause Selections.


Flashback – In the September edition, we wrote, “RC is building out the infrastructure for long-term operation after seeing encouraging performance across several fronts.” This approach continues, though most projects remain funding constrained. Feel free to reach out to Tee at [email protected] to learn more about contributing.


Rethink Grants (RG)


– RC has soft-launched an analysis-driven grantmaking and evaluation project call Rethink Grants that is a collaboration between the Rethink Priorities (RP) research team and the Rethink Charity senior leadership.

– RG works individually with project leads to produce tailored cost-effectiveness models, often assisting in early-stage planning, sourcing funding, facilitating networking opportunities, and other as-needed efforts traditionally subsumed under project incubation.

– RG is currently on a trial run of the evaluation process with our first applicant project, which is scheduled to conclude in mid-April.


RC Forward


– RC Forward published on progress made since the platform’s launch and upcoming plans for 2019. While the exact figures will be expanded upon in a forthcoming annual report, RC Forward has raised over $4.4M CAD for high-impact charities in 2018. This is ~4x our initial forecast.

– In January, RC Forward added ALLFED to our list of partner charities. This makes two dozen charities in total now featured on the platform.  

– We are preparing to complete a thorough impact assessment of RC Forward in 2019 after the  closing of Q4. Plans are to release this update by the end of the first fiscal quarter.


Rethink Priorities (RP)


– RP published on philosophical considerations when assessing invertebrate sentience and have drafted another post outlining their approach to tackling this issue.

– Upcoming posts include a table of sentience-indicating features for invertebrates, analysis on corporate campaign commitments, and an initial post reviewing past instances of ballot initiatives for animal welfare.

– RP also published a report on whether corporations are likely to keep their animal welfare pledges, drawing on results so far, historical results from other movements, and conversations with animal advocacy orgs.

– RP concluded a hiring round that resulted in the addition of seven new researchers: Kim Cuddington, Derek Foster, Luisa Rodriguez, Saulius Šimčikas, Neil Dullaghan, Jason Schukraft, and Daniela R. Waldhorn. See more of their plans here.


The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)


– The new EA Hub will have a soft launch this week, with an official public launch next week.

– The new Hub will include personal and group profiles, resources, donation swap, links to the Priorities Wiki, the EA Forum, the and the Effective Thesis Project.

– In the months to follow, we will focus on increasing the platform’s functionality, including a page for independent projects, cross-platform search, and a survey section.


Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)


– In light of a strategic expansion toward careers and post-high school audiences, SHIC’s current name no longer suits. The process has begun for selecting a new name for the project.

– SHIC is developing a careers workshop, which will run in addition to our existing workshops. SHIC will also expand our target audience to include university students and some adult groups.

– The project brought on a new instructor, Callum Hinchcliffe, who will be giving SHIC presentations throughout the greater London area starting in February.


What’s Next


Look for RC projects to carve out their own space in 2019 as stand-alone brands. Most will still enjoy at least some of the benefits from our consolidated operations infrastructure, but you can expect the Rethink Charity brand to take on more of a supporting role.


Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us.

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Operations and Administration Officer


Rethink Charity is a rapidly growing Effective Altruism organization that uses evidence and reason to find innovative ways to do good. Our projects range in focus to include movement building, research, community outreach and fundraising for effective charities. Things have been moving fast in 2018! We have expanded our team significantly and we have ambitious growth plans underway for 2019.


80,000 Hours states that operations management is one of the biggest bottlenecks in Effective Altruism. One of the main reasons for this is that operations workers act as organizational multipliers – they enable other staff members to maximize productivity by ensuring the back-end functions of the organizations are taken care of. With this in mind, we are looking for an enthusiastic, creative team player to come onboard with Rethink Charity.


As a member of the operations team you will work closely with the directors and managers of each of our projects to ensure success, gaining a wide variety of diversified skills along the way. You will be given a large amount of autonomy and responsibility on a daily basis and will play a crucial role in shaping the success of our organization. You will be surrounded daily by dedicated, energized and passionate EAs from around the world working collaboratively to do good better!


This is a full-time entry-level position and you will work closely with the Manager of Operations to maintain and improve functional systems for Rethink Charity. We are willing to train fresh talent in this role, and we aim to nourish the skills needed to advance to a full-time managerial role in the future.


Key Responsibilities

  • Manage day-to-day operations for staff, donors, and the organization
  • Draft contracts and editing legal agreements for new hires, volunteers and partnerships
  • Organizing and keeping track of employee Human Resource items (tax forms, time off requests, etc)
  • Post organizational blogs and updating edits on all of our affiliated websites
  • Assist in payroll processing
  • Assist in budget monitoring and financial projection/runway analysis on a monthly basis
  • Act as an organizational liaison to skilled professionals to fulfil accounting, legal, taxation and compliance requirements in ordnance with Canadian and US charitable registrations
  • Complete operational research to improve and optimize organizational processes
  • Variable and flexible tasks, which may include communications, education (SHIC), research, personal assistance and everything in between.



  • Understanding of Effective Altruism concepts
  • Experience working with Google Docs/Sheets and Excel
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work
  • Attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Financial literacy
  • Ability to digest legal language


  • An understanding and willingness to learn about accounting systems (ie, Quickbooks)
  • Familiarity with organizational platforms, like Asana and MailChimp
  • Previous experience (paid or volunteer) in an administrative or operational role
  • Experience optimizing organizational systems
  • Willingness to engage in professional development
  • Previous experience (paid or volunteer) in an EA organization
  • Previous public speaking or education experience


Location and Salary

Most of our team is based in Vancouver, Canada, but remote work options can be arranged for the right candidate. Relocation and visa sponsorship may be provided to international hires after a probationary paid remote trial.


Salary is commensurate with experience and need.


How do I Apply?


Please fill out an initial application here. Applications will be open until October 26th, 2018. Successful applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis, so apply now!

Successful applicants must be able to start work by early November. 

We are an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. We are happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our workplace. Please contact us to discuss adjustments to the application process.

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Donor Briefing 09/2018


Thanks for getting current with RC.


Project Headlines – Rethink Charity kicks off the 2018 EA Summit with the opening keynote, RC Forward passes through another >$1M donation, SHIC releases a mid-year update on the Vancouver workshop experiment, Rethink Priorities gets press, LEAN hires new team members, and the 2018 EA Survey begins publishing results this month.  



Full RC Briefing

Project Updates


Rethink Charity Overview

RC is building out the infrastructure for long-term operation after seeing encouraging performance across several fronts. Our projects appear to be growing in community relevance, thanks in no small part to being better resourced than ever. LEAN was an active participant in the (un)precedented 2018 EA Summit, where several RC staff members delivered talks on SHIC, the 2018 EA Survey, local EA groups, and the opening keynote that doubled as a commentary on the shifting memetic landscape of EA. We should be seeing even tighter associations with other movement building organizations.


Flashback – In the June edition, we wrote, “Rethink Charity projects are attracting interest from major institutional funders. Watch this space for more developments.” This has thus far materialized into an $85,000 grant to RP from Lewis Bollard at EA Funds and an $50,000 grant to LEAN from CEA.


Reversal – In June we also mentioned, “Current [SHIC] plans include training an educator in Toronto to deliver the workshop in the fall.” SHIC chose instead to double down on demonstrating continued engagement from workshop students in Vancouver.


RC Forward


– Within the next week or so, RC Forward will be releasing our Mid-2018 Update detailing the $3.6m CAD we have disbursed to high impact charities in 2018.

– Completed “the largest single donation by an individual in MIRI’s history” of $1.33m CAD.


Crypto for good – We also referred a second cryptocurrency donation, totaling nearly $1.6m CAD, to the Against Malaria Foundation. This is RC Forward’s single largest donation to date.


Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)


– SHIC published early results on the first semester of 2018’s workshop experiment that reached 855 students across 16 schools in the Vancouver area.

– The analysis of the student pre- and post-workshop surveys showed significant improvements in knowledge, attitudes and values about high-impact charity.

– The primary focus for the fall term is to test ways of further engaging interested students through advanced workshops, community building and coaching.


The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)


– LEAN welcomed new staff members to the project.

– Development work is now being undertaken on the new EA Hub.


Rethink Priorities (RP)


– The RP cause prioritization wiki, PriortyWiki, was featured in a Fast Company article.  

– The project is currently investigating the potential for consciousness-indicating features of invertebrates.
– RP will be hiring researchers soon and a job ad will be up in early September.


What’s Next


Our current organizational model is trending toward increased project-level autonomy and further consolidation of supporting administrative systems. For example, Rethink Priorities launched early this year, requiring very little from RC beyond administrative assistance, eventually producing quality research that attracted substantial funding. The latest LEAN hiring round could be seen as an attempt to replicate this approach, with the expectation that the project will carve out its own identity as a largely autonomous movement building organization.


It was great to catch up with you again.

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Donor Briefing 06/2018


It’s been awhile. Thanks for having a look at this special edition of the Briefing before Effective Altruism Global 2018 in San Francisco.

One-sentence RC breakdown – In summary, RC Forward has passed through ~$2M CAD (~1.5M USD) for effective charities thus far, Rethink Priorities launched publicly, the EA survey team broke the survey submissions record, LEAN is hiring, and SHIC will soon report on the workshop results collected from ~850 students.

Your full RC Briefing
Read time: 3 minutes

Project Updates

Rethink Charity Overview

RC threw the brakes on expansionary efforts across all of the projects, electing instead to await the results of performance indicators as Q2 of 2018 draws to a close. Among the projects considered for expansion in the second half of 2018 and early 2019, SHIC is the most viable candidate based on early indicators. Current plans include training an educator in Toronto to deliver the workshop in the fall. (See workshop overview)

Results and analysis on the EA survey will begin coming out in the next couple of months on the ~3,500 submissions mustered by the community, which is roughly 1,000 more submissions than the previous record set in 2015.

Situational Awareness – Rethink Charity projects are attracting interest from major institutional funders. Watch this space for more developments.

RC Forward

– A $1.35M CAD donation to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) was recently processed, bringing the total amount passed through to effective charities at roughly $2M CAD.

Flashback: Readers might recall our forecast for money moved in 2018 was only $1M USD (~1.3M CAD).

Rethink Priorities (RP)

– RP launched their official website in May.

– The project published analysis on both the benefits of vaccines and the cost-effectiveness of vaccines.

– Reanalysis of the Animal Equality video and virtual reality study will be published soon.

Go deeper: More on the RP research agenda here, and you can find a breakdown of articles published by cause area here.

The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)

– We’re currently hiring for the LEAN Manager position! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, though priority will be given to those who submitted prior to May 28.

– A LEAN article on why local groups should consider direct work scored decent karma on the EA Forum.

Would you agree? From the latest LEAN article, “Available group actions may fall short of embodying the very highest impact intervention that humans could take, but might instead still constitute the highest impact intervention that the group in question could deliver.”

Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)

– An update on our current workshop experiment is slated for release in July after an initial analysis of our data. By that time, SHIC will have worked with approximately 850 students across 16 schools around Greater Vancouver.

– SHIC workshops will be continuing over summer, working with the University of British Columbia to deliver the SHIC program to elite high school students attending an academic summer school.

What’s Next

RC is currently fundraising for 2019! If you’d like to continue being a key part of our growth in EA community building, simply reply to this, or email Tee at [email protected] to chat about it! Most of the full-time RC staff will also be at EA Global, so please reach out if you’d like to connect!

Hope this was a good read. Thanks for taking the time.  

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Donor Briefing: 03/2018


Lots of exciting developments in this pacey edition of the Briefing. Thanks for staying up-to-date with us.


Two-sentence RC breakdown – We’ve announced the addition of a new research project to RC – Rethink Priorities (RP), dedicated to doing neglected foundational research on potential causes in a highly empirical and transparent manner. LEAN wrapped up their impact assessment, SHIC received full funding for 2018, and the annual EA survey preparations have begun.

Your full RC Briefing

Read time: 4 minutes


Project Updates


Rethink Charity Overview


– RC is moving forward with our growth-oriented plans across all projects. More on what this means for each project below. We’re also hiring for the 2018 EA survey, and most of the heavy lifting on that will begin this week. See our most popular EA survey post of 2017.


Situational Awareness: RC projects are taking a distinctly empirical approach to movement building. Rethink Priorities just launched, LEAN recently concluded a detailed analysis on EA local groups, and plans are in motion to provide even more data and analysis to the 2018 EA survey than years prior.


Rethink Priorities (New!)


– We’ve unveiled Rethink Priorities (RP), a new project dedicated to doing neglected foundational research, focusing initially on lessons that can be taken from analyzing vaccinations as an intervention in the developing world and animal welfare corporate campaigns.


Go deeper: Here’s the announcement detailing the research principles and agenda.


The Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)


– LEAN just released the most comprehensive empirical investigation into EA local groups to date – currently the best available snapshot of EA movement building at the ground level.

– Over 20 users have created EA websites using the static site generator we launched in early 2018.

– The EA Hub redesign is under way, which will also include a new content tool that consolidates existing resources from the community.


Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)


– SHIC secured full Tier 2 funding for 2018 (thank you!).

– The workshop experiment has already reached 285 students across eight schools in the Greater Vancouver Area.

– Our subjective sense is that student engagement has been high during the workshops, with one or two students in each class very eager to learn more and who indicate that they are interested in pursuing a career with positive impact. Teachers have also been bullish about the program.


The fun stuff: See the latest promotional clip with class footage.

RC Forward

– RC Forward will be adding charities that widen the breadth of cause areas supported by the platform, including Innovations for Poverty Action, StrongMinds, The Coalition for Rainforest Nations, and the Clean Air Task Force.


What’s Next


– The EA Survey 2018 is making preparations and assembling a volunteer team. Volunteers and referrals can be directed to [email protected].

– RP is expected to publish further analysis of vaccines and animal welfare in March.

– LEAN will soon publish the methodology portion of the LEAN Impact Assessment and begin revamping the EA Hub. Get the full overview of what LEAN plans to change.

– SHIC is implementing new post-program survey data collection methods to boost response rates.

– RC Forward is holding off on hiring pending strategic revisions to the project. More on this soon.


Thanks again for taking the time. Your involvement is crucial to us.

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