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Thanks for taking the time to peruse our October RC briefing.


Two-sentence RC breakdown – RC is in the process of publishing on key reflections and analyses of major projects, including SHIC’s revised impact strategy and the LEAN impact assessment. We’re at critical junctures in our prioritized projects – SHIC announced a new workshop experiment for 2018, and we’re weeks out from launching Rethink Charity Forward, a new donor-advised fund (DAF) that will allow Canadians to make tax-deductible contributions to effective charities outside of Canada.



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Project Updates


Rethink Charity


Our more focused approach to specific projects in October has positioned RC well for Giving Season. Conclusions from the LEAN impact assessment will shape our strategic direction in the coming months, but we’ve invested more time into building long-term impact returns into our plans. In particular, SHIC is taking the longview of 2018 programming, and our regranting efforts could move quite a bit of money to effective charities for years to come.


Publishing on the EA Survey 2017 Series continued through October with a longitudinal take on whether priorities in EA have changed over time.



– SHIC announced a new workshop experiment set to launch in early 2018 (Section III)

– We also unveiled a revised approach to program impact and objectives (Section IV)



– LEAN is putting the finishing touches on the impact assessment, set for completion in early November. Early highlights from X surveys and X interviews from group leaders include:

– High demand for research into group management, metrics, and advice on how to measure impact.

– LEAN-provided websites often cited as very useful for outreach efforts, and many would find additional technical support beneficial.



– We inherited the Charity Science DAF in Canada that moved ~$600,000 to GiveWell recommendations last year. RC will expand access to include nearly a dozen effective charities in total. Our service will be called Rethink Charity Forward (website forthcoming).

– RC Forward will contain four funds: Global Health, Human Empowerment, Animal Welfare, and Far Future. Canadian donors will also be able to give tax-deductible contributions specifically to the Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, GiveDirectly, and several other effective charities.


What’s Next

November will be crucial for coordinating our projects as Giving Season approaches. Rethink Charity Forward is set to officially launch in the coming weeks, though we can already process donations to the charities and funds listed above. The forthcoming LEAN assessment posts should be important to wider movement-building discussions within the effective altruism community, and SHIC will nail down details for the 2018 workshop experiment. As a closing note, Tee will be at EA Global London and looks forward to seeing some of you there! Please feel free to reach out to him!


Thank you for your support.

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