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Two-sentence breakdown – RC is excited to announce the soft launch of Rethink Charity Forward, Canada’s first cause-neutral donation routing fund for high-impact charities around the world. Below we expand on our 2018 plans and budgets for the full repertoire of RC projects that have been appropriately wrapped for Giving Season.


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Project Updates


Rethink Charity


– Giving Season has been kind to Rethink Charity after an early fundraising boost from a series of #givingtuesday campaigns attempting to receive matching from Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was truly a pleasure to see more than 100 EAs coordinate to take advantage of the Facebook/BAMGF match for effective charities. See this FB group for results.

– The EA Survey 2017 Series published once again in November with information on how people get into EA, with help from special guest Ben Todd, CEO and co-founder of 80,000 Hours.


RC Forward

– We soft launched RC Forward, a donation routing service that allows Canadian donors to receive tax benefits for donations to effective charities in the US.

– Donors may choose between four separate cause area funds for unrestricted donations, as well as nine charities we’ve set up direct donation pages for, and more to come.

– By expanding the causes and charities supported, RC Forward could raise upwards of $1,000,000 for effective charities in 2018.


Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC)

– SHIC finalized plans for the 2018 workshop experiment outlined in this post.


Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN)

– LEAN is putting the finishing touches on the 2017 Impact Assessment on local groups, planning to publish quantitative findings in the first week of December, along with corresponding qualitative findings toward mid-month.

– Have a sneak peek of the rough and ready quantitative findings here.


What’s Next

All of our projects are currently seeking funding for the coming year and we hope you’ll diversify your Giving Season donation portfolio by adding these important movement building initiatives. We’re confident these projects carry more potential for impact than at any time in the past.


Key funding opportunities include RC Forward plans to facilitate $1M routed to effective charities, SHIC plans to bring workshops to local students in Vancouver, and LEAN plans to become a grant making entity for EA groups worldwide. If you are interested in funding any of these projects, please contact Tee at [email protected].


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