Donor Briefing: 12/2017 – 1/2018


We’re back with the latest in RC news following Giving Season. Enjoy the read.


Two-sentence RC breakdown – Soft-circling around our projects in the past couple of months is now materializing into funding that will roughly triple our capacities from 2017. Among the highlights piquing donor interest, RC Forward is likely to surpass our 2018 goal of moving $1m to effective charities by the end of Q1 this year.


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Project Updates


Rethink Charity


Following a particularly strong fundraising round and several assurances from major funders, Rethink Charity opened 2018 sufficiently resourced to expand our bandwidth across all projects. Our wishlist for funding reflects a responsive and calibrated approach to growth that allows us to exploit neglected or undervalued areas of impact.


We see ourselves as uniquely agile in this respect. RC Forward is an example of this in practice: a previously unavailable service catering to a high level of existing demand in Canada. The expansion and fine-grained testing of SHIC is our best effort at owning and understanding what we would call ‘future movement building’ as a promising niche.



– The first SHIC workshop was conducted in Vancouver to an audience of roughly 40 secondary school students. Indicators on the ground were encouraging, with the school requesting more workshops for more groups of students in the near future. (Catch some of the raw footage here.)

– There have been seven more confirmed bookings with schools where we will be working with more than 350 students.

– SHIC unambiguously possesses more room for growth beyond our initial Tier 2 budget ask.


RC Forward

– $471,873.92 CAD has already been moved to effective charities, and unconfirmed estimates will likely put the total well beyond the 2018 projection of $1M USD.

– The platform added GiveWell,The Life You Can Save, Evidence Action, The Center for Applied Rationality, the Humane League, SENS Research Foundation, and Animal Equality International to the list of charities now eligible for tax benefits to Canadian donors.



– The quantitative and qualitative LEAN Impact Assessment reports were published over the last couple of months.

– Part three of our four-part series will be released in mid-February. The third post will synthesize data from qualitative and quantitative reports in order to derive general conclusions.


What’s Next

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude at the substantial support RC has received from our donors. Our new ability to make strategic hires will free up the existing team, allowing for more specialization and better channelling of individual strengths.


Things to expect from our projects in the near future:


– The beta launch of a new independent project will be announced

– SHIC will continue running workshops and gathering data in Vancouver, potentially expanding out to Toronto and other major cities.

– RC Forward will continue adding new effective charities to the platform


Excited to multiply impact in the new year! Thanks to everyone who is helping!


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