Donor Briefing Giving Season 2020


We appreciate you having a glance at our briefing. Giving season 2020 will cap off a profoundly disruptive year that only seemed to underscore the importance of supporting our partner charities, especially those working in long-term future risk, racial justice and global health. We continue to invest in giving infrastructure and community building, always striving to empower anyone hoping to do the most good. Thanks to all of you for joining us in that.

Project Headlines – RC looks to fundraise a total of $225,000 for 2021 operations, EA Giving Tuesday staffs their ranks in preparation for December 1st, revenue generating projects launch on both sides of the US-Canadian border, and RC Forward enjoys their best Q3 of money moved on record.

Financials Snapshot – $USD*

* = Note figures do not include the Rethink Priorities project
** = Approximate estimate that includes currency conversion

Full RC Briefing

Project Updates

Rethink Charity Overview

With COVID-19 intruding on the pace of normal operations and the planned consolidation of our projects, RC was freed up to invest in long overdue strategic pivots. Top of the list for continued infrastructural investment is a bespoke CRM system fashioned from Salesforce. The fully realized CRM would dramatically enhance systems for all projects, including RC Forward, fiscal sponsorship, and other revenue generating initiatives.

Each of the projects are currently well-positioned for the upcoming giving season, due in large part to the expansion of team bandwidth and consolidation of collective focus. Another important reason for our healthy position has been the addition of incredibly skilled volunteers who poured countless hours into the RC Forward website revamp, messaging and branding strategy, data visualization, and many other key administrative areas of program development. We say without hesitation that the inclusion of these volunteers upgraded our projects tremendously.

Funding goal – Rethink Charity and RC Forward currently have a $225,000 funding goal in order to secure 12 months of runway, which still has $131,000 remaining. You can find the full 2021 budget here.

RC Forward

  • We swapped out the outdated website for a nearly aesthetically identical new website, complete with important technical upgrades. When paired with improved messaging, the usability experience for incoming donors should improve considerably.
  • RC Forward received a $15,000 grant from the Infrastructure Fund of the Centre for Effective Altruism. The payout report maintains that the core reasoning for the grant remains the same as in 2019, adding that

“We think that RC Forward provides a valuable service for Canadian donors, and we would like to ensure they have sufficient budget to continue their core work… The platform has two main benefits: (1) their recommended charities receive more money from the same size of donation due to tax advantages, and (2) some donors may choose to donate when they otherwise wouldn’t have, or would have donated less…This grant will top-up RC Forward’s budget; the expected use is to improve the website and develop an internal CRM system.”

Visualize the good – Pictured below is a dashboard of donation analytics displaying money moved by the RC Forward platform in 2019, created by a data visualization volunteer.

EA Giving Tuesday

  • The EA Giving Tuesday team has begun preparation to help EAs get their donations matched on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.
  • Early work has begun on strategic planning, content preparation, nonprofit outreach, and promoting the opportunity to the effective altruism community.
  • If you’re interested in getting your donations matched or staying up to date, sign-up at Read our FAQ, ask in our Facebook group, or e-mail us at [email protected].
    Revenue Generation Projects

Rethink Charity publicly unveiled fiscal sponsorship services now available to eligible projects. Those interested can get an overview of fiscal sponsorship, learn more about our model, view pricing, and explore case studies.
RC Forward is currently in the process of facilitating cross-border grants for Canadians to support US charities that are not on our list of effective partner charities. Our current outreach is focused on US charities likely to have Canadian supporters. View the webpage here.

What’s Next

The vast majority of our time will be occupied by fundraising on behalf of our partner charities and our own operations. Our current operations funding gap is $131,000 in order to cover all of 2021. We hope that you’ll consider donating to Rethink Charity so that we can continue powering effective projects!

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