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Local Effective Altruism Network

LEAN provides services and coordinates Local EA Groups worldwide. We support over 350 local groups working to bring EA to a wider audience, giving more people the opportunity to engage via meetups, lectures, discussion groups, fundraisers, workathons, and more.

  • - Counterfactually discounted value of a medium group is estimated by .impact as $250,000 - $1,500,000
  • - Counterfactually discounted value of a large group is estimated by .impact as $1,000,000 - $3,000,000
  • - LEAN seeded ~158 groups
  • - LEAN influenced the founding of ~77 groups
  • - According to our local group survey,~52 groups said they were holding monthly meetups or more
  • - ~85 groups said they would use at least one of our outreach resources
  • - Groups estimated that there were ~4100 attendees at meetups who were new to EA.
  • - Groups estimated that they influenced ~927 new counterfactual donors

LEAN has actively begun cultivating resources and expertise on best practices that local groups have expressed a need for, according to our LEAN survey. We’re also revamping the EA Hub, and collaborating with CEA to coordinate local group initiatives, produce the Effective Altruism and local group newsletters, and launch an EA mentorship program.

LEAN will continue to provide the following services for groups:

  • - Creating purpose-built websites and fronting web hosting costs
  • - Fronting paid Mailchimp, Meetup and volunteer recruitment website accounts
  • - Giving tailored advice and training on outreach, recruitment, member management, events, and fundraising
  • - Cultivating resources and expertise on best practices