Monthly Donor Briefing: 09/2017


Thanks for taking the time. These monthly donor briefings are designed to be quick reads that keep you in the know about Rethink Charity. More detailed updates will come in bimonthly/quarterly intervals.


Listen to three-minute audio version of this briefing here.


Two-sentence RC breakdown – RC is now maturing into a period of evaluation and proactivity since the consolidation of projects announced in May. Key highlights here include plans for a large-scale SHIC workshop experiment, the ongoing LEAN assessment, our release of the 2017 EA Survey, and major developments on regranting avenues in the UK and Canada.


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Project Updates


Rethink Charity

We’re taking a more focused approach to our projects since the rebranding in May. This includes throttling down on .impact (independent EA projects) and online peer-to-peer fundraisers, and reassessing the value our major programs (e.g. LEAN assessment). We’re currently prioritizing SHIC and international regranting efforts as the highest-impact use of our time.


–  We initiated the EA Survey 2017 Series reporting on 2015 and 2016 survey data with what we perceive as strong interest from the community.

– RC jointly established EAUK with EA London, an official effective altruism charity with regranting capability.



– SHIC is planning a longitudinal workshop experiment set to launch in early 2018. This will put to the test our data-driven approach to identifying high-potential students most inclined to engage with effective charity in the long-term. More on this next month.



– LEAN is currently undergoing its most comprehensive impact assessment to date. The future of LEAN within RC is contingent upon the outcome of the assessment.


Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)

– Plans are in motion to inherit Charity Science’s DAF that moved ~$600,000 to GiveWell top charities in 2017. The DAF will then be cause-neutral, expanding our services beyond GiveWell-recommended charities.

– Through a partnership with Chimp, we will be able to offer tax benefits to Canadians for both Canadian and non-Canadian charities. This was previously quite restrictive.


What’s Next


The shift in our priorities reflects what we think will achieve the highest multiplier effects over time, not simply high initial rates of return. This is why we’re favoring regranting efforts over online fundraisers, and allocating more bandwidth to SHIC while LEAN is under assessment.


We’re thrilled with your support – all of RC is pushing hard to keep it.

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