Rethink Charity

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Rethink Charity Forward



Rethink Charity Forward is Canada’s first cause-neutral donation routing fund for high-impact charities around the world.

More than most countries, the Canadian government makes it notoriously difficult for donors to receive tax benefits from gifts to non-Canadian charities. Thanks to our partnerships with the Chimp and Priority Foundations, RC Forward is solving that problem for select charities, including the Against Malaria Foundation, the Good Food Institute, MIRI, and others.

RC Funds

RC Forward provides options for Canadian donors to give unrestricted donations to one of four designated cause areas: Global Health, Human Empowerment, Animal Welfare, and Future Prosperity. These funds will be allocated quarterly according to the recommendations of charity evaluators and experts in the respective fields.

Direct Donations

In addition to the four funds, RC Forward allows donors to give directly to participating high-impact charities. At the time of launching, RC Forward has a list of nine high-impact charities, with more to come. (See our website for an up-to-date list of charities.)

High-Impact Online Fundraisers

Rethink Charity’s peer-to-peer fundraising project (High-Impact Fundraisers) has been folded into RC Forward, thanks to Chimp’s intuitive platform. Individually managed fundraisers can be initiated from each individual fund or charity page. Using this function, fundraisers can be initiated for birthdays, Christmas, or any other event.


Before Rethink Charity’s founding, Charity Science (who are generously supporting RC in this transition) provided Canadian donors with the opportunity to give to effective global poverty charities, however this service will no longer be available in 2018. 2017 donations are estimated to exceed $500,000. By expanding the causes and charities supported, RC Forward could raise upwards of $1,000,000 for effective charities in 2018.